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Veteran's Tuition Assistance

As a United States military veteran, you are entitled to receive a benefits package for your valuable service. Veteran tuition assistance is among these benefits. The purpose of tuition assistance is to assist active duty service members and veterans with pursuing their education. Most importantly, Military Tuition assistance is not a loan that requires repayment. Instead, it should be viewed as money earned for the service you provided your country (just like your base pay).

Your Veteran Tuition Assistance funds can cover the costs associated with tuition, books, supplies and more for a variety of educational and training programs, including:

  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Bachelor Degree Programs
  • Licensing & Certification Programs
  • Apprenticeship and On-The-Job Training
  • And more!


Why should you use your Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits?

Utilizing your military Tuition Assistance benefits is a smart and cost-effective way to secure a more prosperous civilian lifestyle and future by obtaining your education. Whether you choose to pursue a college degree, a certification program or some other type of approved training, your new found skills will enhance your already impressive military background and may offer greater career advancement advantages.


Where can you use your Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits?

Depending on your educational goals, you can use your Tuition Assistance benefits at a variety of colleges, vocational training schools and more. However, there are certain requirements the school you select must meet in order to be eligible for your TA. For example, the school must be regionally or nationally accredited.

In addition to selecting a school, you will also want to consider what style of learning suites you best Ė online education or classroom education. When you choose to pursue your education online, you typically set your own study schedule around your everyday responsibilities and are able to learn at your own pace. Additionally, you can complete your studies from virtually anywhere you receive an Internet connection.

To learn more selecting TA friendly schools, visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs education programs page at


Can spouses or immediate family members benefit from Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits?

The Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) program allows eligible dependents of certain veterans to utilize training and education benefits. These benefits can be used for certificate programs, apprenticeships, college degrees and on-the-job training. Currently, the program offers up to 45 months of education benefits. Contact Allied to learn more.


How do you apply for Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits?

United States Veterans can apply for their Tuition Assistance benefits at their local VA office or online using the convenient VONAPP (Veterans On Line Application) system. Using VONAPP, a veteran and their beneficiaries can apply for education benefits by completing and submitting an application online. To learn more about VONAPP and applying for your Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits, visit


How can I learn more about my Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits in person?

If you need assistance with your Veteranís Tuition Assistance benefits and would like to receive help in-person rather than online, you can visit your local VA office. Also, you can visit a variety of service organizations that help veterans utilize their benefits. To locate a service organization near you, visit

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