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Navy Education Benefits

As a Sailor, you can satisfy your military duties while pursing your education. Have you considered online career training? Online education is a smart option for servicemembers, especially Sailors on deployment. Online career training benefits include:

  • Learning at your own pace
  • Satisfy Navy duties first and create your personal study schedule
  • Accessing your career training courses worldwide
  • Military education benefits are accepted

Online education is a win-win situation for active-duty military. Not only do you get a quality education, but you can complete your course in self-paced learning environment. It's an education that puts you in charge and one step closer to a more promising civilian career and future.

Navy Transition to a Civilian Career

Make sure your Navy to civilian life transition goes smoothly with advanced planning and career training. Evaluate your career options now and select an industry that interests you. Here are a few Navy Correspondence Courses to consider:

Medical Online Military Courses

Build a rewarding career with medical online military courses. You will open the door to opportunity with the all-inclusive skills learned from these programs. Your well-rounded medical knowledge from our military distance learning courses will make you a welcome addition to any medical environment.

Real Estate Military Courses

You can build a real estate career. Choose to start your own business or manage a team of professionals. Enjoy a flexible schedule, interesting field work, and high income potential. Your specialized real estate military courses will prepare you to become a respected individual in this growing field.

Professional Military Distance Learning Classes

Allied has tailored its professional career training programs to provide long-term career opportunities in different and exciting fields. Prepare today for your post-military career with a Army Correspondence Courses online or convenient materials that are mailed directly to you.

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