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Military Education > Career Training > Medical > Medical Assisting Program II

Medical Assisting Program II - 510 Hours

Learn Clinical Medical Assisting (Back Office) with a hands-on military distance learning course

Please note: Allied’s Administrative Medical Assisting (Front Office) Program must be completed prior to enrolling in the Clinical Medical Assisting (Back Office) Program.

  • Course Department MT
  • Program Code 10-MT112
  • Completion Time N/A
  • Clock Hours 510
  • Tuition $2,464.00100% TA Available
  • Materials & Prep Grant$282.00
  • List Price$2,746.00
  • Pharmacology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Assisting Externship

Program Information

“Superb customer support. Very Military friendly.”Susanna Brooks, FL Pre-Licensing for Sales Associates

Clinical Medical Assisting (Back Office) is at the heart of doctors’ offices across the nation, and Allied’s Clinical Medical Assisting (Back Office) Program is your pathway toward a new and exciting career. With the program, you are trained to perform important duties such as recording vital signs, preparing a patient for an exam, giving medication, taking out sutures and ensuring health histories are up-to-date. Some clinical medical assistants even perform phlebotomy (blood draws), take X-rays and authorize prescription refills. You will also be prepared to earn certifications in CPR, First Aid and AED offered by the American Heart Association.     

Complete this program in as little as 24 weeks, and be prepared to transition into the growing health care field! Call Allied to see if you qualify for tuition assistance and get started on your civilian career training today.


Basic pharmacology principles are covered in this course, in addition to monographs on common drugs and prescriptions. Learn how to differentiate among drug classifications, terminology, spelling conventions and pronunciations, including a comprehensive review of mathematics and dosage calculations. The clinical implications and contraindications will be reviewed for each body system. Special considerations for children, pregnant and nursing women will be reviewed, as well as for aging patients, end-of-life care, substance abuse and herbal or alternative drug/herb interactions.

Medical Assisting

Explore the clinical side of a medical office or facility with this course. Your training prepares you to assist medical providers in the care of patients, and helps you develop successful communication skills to encourage effective patient education. Learn to assist providers in minor surgery preparation and procedures, while developing the ability to recognize medical emergencies and react with appropriate measures such as first aid, CPR and automatic external defibrillation. A comprehensive variety of other key components will be taught to provide you with a well-rounded medical assisting education.

Anatomy & Physiology

For health care professionals, it is vital to have an understanding of anatomy and physiology. This course teaches you anatomical terminology, signs and symptoms of disease, surgical procedures, laboratory values, clinical applications and more. Gain the knowledge base you need to excel in your health care career with this course.

Medical Assisting Externship

Students who complete their clinical medical assistant studies are required to pursue 160 hours of externship. This consists of hands-on field experience in an appropriate location. The externship allows you the opportunity to practice learned skills under direct supervision in an actual work environment. It also helps you review the qualities desired by employers as a medical professional. Develop a resume, cover letter and follow-up/thank you note for potential employers and evaluate your job search abilities. Additionally, you will develop employment negotiation skills and contact the Allied Career Center as needed for job search assistance.

(Please note: This program is not available to students in NH. Please call for other career training options.)

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