Your Military to Civilian Transition: 2008 Trends

Your Military to Civilian Transition: 2008 Trends

For service members experiencing their transition from the military this year, it's worth looking at a few of the hiring trends that companies are engaging in this year.

According to a Gannet News Service article by Dana Knight, one of the major keys for companies this year is to hire candidates quickly before competitors can snatch them up.In the past companies might invite candidates back for multiple rounds of interviews - sometimes lasting weeks - many companies now have all the decision makers meet the job candidate at one time. This allows the company to make a quick decision and then make a job offer.

Here are some other trends that service members undergoing their military career transition can expect this year:

Internet Background Search - Companies are increasingly plugging a candidate's name into search engines and seeing what they can find out about someone. Service members should be aware that companies may take a peak at their "My Space" page; military personnel shouldn't post information or photos online that paint a negative picture of them.

Video Resumes - Employers are more open to video resumes; and though this is still a new format, wearing a business suit and keeping your speech conservative and relevant to the potential job is a good bet.

Benefits, More Money - There is a shortage of good job candidates in a lot of fields - that means companies will do more to get you. Many candidates can expect better health care benefits and increased salaries on initial offers.

Military personnel, in addition to understanding the hiring trends of companies, should take advantage of their military education benefits to get as much education and training as possible. Active-duty service members are eligible for US Military Tuition Assistance (TA), which pays up to 100% of tuition and fees for military distance learning courses.

Many service members use their Tuition Assistance at an accredited online school because an online course allows them to study wherever and whenever they have time - even while deployed. When considering an online school, service members should make sure the school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Military personnel should also be sure to learn if there is a transition assistance program offered on base by the ESO.

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