Military Family Readiness Strategy Part of New Defense Act

Military Family Readiness Strategy Part of New Defense Act

The Department of Defense is now tasked with preparing a new family readiness plan - and it must get input from not only the services, but military family members as well.

The move is an attempt by lawmakers to create a comprehensive military family support policy that is consistent across the service branches. The mandate is part of the 2008 Defense Authorization Act, which President Bush made law with his signature in January.

The panel looking into creating a stronger military family support program will include top officials and experts, but also senior enlisted personnel or a military spouse of a senior enlisted person from each military branch.

Military spouse and military family organizations such as the National Military Family Association and spoke in favor of the new initiative.

These days while the military is on a war-footing, military spouses and the military family have had to adapt to the challenges of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the Global War on Terror.

It's long been known that military spouses have significant obstacles in place when pursuing career and education goals. Military spouses often site inadequate childcare resources, duty-station changes and a lack of career training options as a serious concern.

Many schools have been stepping up to the plate and offering military spouse scholarships, discounts and even no-cost military spouse education. Military spouse can take advantage of military distance learning programs when their service member spouse enrolls at schools using US military tuition assistance. Concern about the cost of military spouse tuition shouldn't deter spouses from their education goals - many schools offer tuition assistance for military spouses.By Robert Fay, Allied Schools.


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