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Military Spouse Scholarships

Spouses at 18 select military installations may qualify for Career Advancement Account (CAA) funds, allowing them to spend up to $3,000 a year for career training. Spouses may also be eligible for Allied’s in-house Military Family Scholarship Program. (Restrictions apply. Not all spouses are eligible)

» Career Advancement Accounts (CAA):

Your education can be 100% covered by Career Advancement Accounts (CAA) under the Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative. This government account provides spouses of active-duty military personnel funding for their career education. Request more info

» Military Spouse Scholarships:

Allied-created scholarships for military spouse allows military spouses (or dependents) to prepare for a new career without the worry of paying for tuition or stressing about in-state/ out-of-state residency requirements. Contact us and receive more information

Military Spouse Scholarships Assist Spouses with Career & Education Challenges

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